Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Haul-oween: L'Occitane, Lush Treats

I hope everyone's having a wonderful weekend! I'm laying low and getting as much rest as I can as I'm anticipating a busy work week this week.

Although... that didn't stop me from doing a little bit of shopping :) First, I picked up the Ultra Rich Eye Balm ($32) from L'Occitane. I think I've used this before but I can't remember whether I liked it or not...
I'm kind of hoping that this will protect my eye area well through the upcoming winter!

I also had a pretty little postcard that got me a 4 pc gift set including L'Occitane's shampoo, milk soap (I love their Almond Apple soap but I haven't tried this one), Almond shower oil, and Whitening Cleanser.

Next up, I picked up three holiday Lush goodies and one non-holiday Lush soap. Now we all know no holiday is complete without holiday Lush stuff to plunk in our bath but this year, some of the stuff are even more cuter than ever. Take the Gingerbread House Bubble Bar for example! It looks good enough to eat, has sprinkles on its roof and a cinnamon stick for a chimney!! Need I say more?

Then the Lush girl that helped me told me that she likes mixing the Twilight Bath Bomb and a bit of the Christmas Eve Bubble Bar for bubbles and an unbelievable mix of soothing scents. I thought why not- let me in on that too.

Last, I picked up a slice of the ever-reliable (in that it can always get you in a good mood!) Honey I Washed the Kids Soap. Looks like my November morning showers will be sweet and caramel-y :)

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