Monday, October 4, 2010

Haul: LUSH Soap, Bathbombs and the Sacred Truth

It's been a while since I had stopped by Lush and it seems quite a few NEW items have been added to the products list between the interval!

Things I picked up from the bottom left corner (the big yellow one) clockwise:  Fizzbanger, Dragon's Egg (both bathbombs are supposed to change color in the bath), Token to the Forest Gods Toner Tab (the little green thing with the star on it), Think Pink (I think), The Sacred Truth fresh face mask, and Summer Pudding soap.

Lush's fresh face masks are some of my favorite skincare products (my favorite being Love Lettuce). Yes, they look kinda funky (I think the best facial formulas always are) but they make my skin feel so nice, soft and hydrated after usage!! The only one I can't use is Brazen Honey (it stings something incredible). However, I would highly recommend most of the others. Oh and if you didn't know already you can bring back 5 empty black pots for a face mask free of charge :)

I am soo looking forward to the Lush Halloween and Christmas stuff this year; there seems to be a lot of fantastical goodies in line. The Christmas products are already available online so go check it out. Personally, I'm gonna wait until we're a wee bit more closer to the holidays before purchasing anything just because there's so many awesome holiday collections pouring out right now and I wanna have a polished shoplist before I blindly jump in (results of which may be catastrophic!! haha)

* Update: I've used the Summer Pudding soap and it is marvelous! It smells fruity but with a sweetness to it (like a hint of baked goods type scent). It also has an exfoliating factor super effective on elbows :)

** Update: Dragon's Egg Review

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