Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss in Pink Pop & Coral Reef (Chanel Sirop)

Coral Reef is lighter in real life

Finding a drugstore lipgloss without glitter, or even shimmer is darn-near impossible, so when a nice creamy lipgloss is introduced I am immediately intrigued. Case in point: Revlon Super Lustrous in Pink Pop and Coral Reef. These were released with three other colors in the "collection," a lilac, peach and a red one which you probably may have seen photos of.

Overall, I like these even though they didn't exactly meet my expectations.

Expectation #1: I thought these would be more sheer. I was sort of hoping for a MAC Cremesheen type of consistency. Nice, soft and light on the lips. These are much more opaque and thicker in consistency. (This may actually be a good thing for most people)

Expectation #2: I expected the colors to look more natural on me. Now that's a very personal expectation but usually coral and bright pinks suit me nicely so I thought these would be more wearable. I'm sad to say that Pop Pink makes me look a little fake. I like Coral Reef better but it does end up on my lips looking borderline red than the pretty coral I was expecting from the tube. I'm still trying to make it work  it's just not the coral I was looking for.

Another swatch: Left: Coral Reef/ Right: Pop Pink
Doe foot/sponge tip applicators
Reason I still like these #1. They are good versions of what they are- An budget-friendly easily-accessible drugstore lipgloss without any shimmer but full of color. No they aren't sheer but they never advertised themselves to be sheer- that was just a personal expectation (and preference!). And the colors are still quite pretty.

Reason I still like these #2. External stuff like the scent which to me smells like a mix between creme brulee+ orange creamsicle+ cotton candy+ bubblegum. Yum... I think. (There is no flavor) I also like the packaging: A shorter stouter cousin of the Chanel Glossimers if you will. 

That reminds me- I initially thought Coral Reef looked similar in the tube to my beloved Chanel Sirop, now discontinued (WHY!!) so I took a couple of pictures and swatched them only to find that both the consistency and colors were very different. Bummer.

I didn't include any swatch comparison photos with Sirop because it didn't show up accurately.

Sirop is more pink-coral and lighter in texture

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