Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Rimmel London Royal Gloss in Peach Crush & Bubble Blush

Oh the sweet comfort of squeeze tube glosses. I picked up the Rimmel London Royal Glosses a couple weeks back and have been using them quite often. I don't really use these as a going-out lip gloss on their own though. They have no lasting power nor do they add much color to my lips. However, I've noticed they moisturize nicely so I use them when I'm just lounging around the house or want to add a little glossiness to lipsticks or lip tints.

Slanted tips + caps matching the color
Some caution is needed because the formula is watery- things can get goopy!

Peach Crush, which looks coral in the tube, is a kind-of-milky, kind-of-watery very sheer peach shade. I had hoped it would still give my lips a hint of peach but it really is basically a clear gloss on my lips. Peach Crush has a peachy scent but I find the scent less appealing than the sweet bubblegum of Bubble Blush. I think it's because there's a slight waxy scent mixed in somewhere- although I can't really pinpoint it. 

Bubble Blush is a lavender pink with slight shimmer (I could have done without the shimmer) This shows up on the lips more than Peach Crush but is still on the sheer side. It gives a slight pinky lavender tone to the lips. I love how this one smells- like bubblegum! I know I'm not exactly twelve but who says a grown woman can't enjoy some bubblegum smelling lipgloss?

True to its word! "Sweet tasting non-sticky lipgloss"
It really has a sweet taste :)

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