Tuesday, October 26, 2010

YSL Gloss Pur in #3 Pure Coral, #8 Pure Watermelon

If I had to live with one type of lip gloss for the rest of my life, it would be the YSL Gloss Pur. I can't think of one thing that I don't love about this gloss. The packaging is lux without being impractical, the brush is soft without being inefficient, and the scent (mango) is unique yet familiar.

The texture is soft and light and moisturizing. In fact its the only lipgloss where my lips actually feel hydrated even after the gloss has worn off. It is also surprisingly long-lasting for a lipgloss of its kind (non-sticky, glides on the lips). I've found that the Victoria Secret Beauty Rush glosses have a texture that is somewhat similar to the Gloss Pur- although otherwise different.

As for the colors, there is nothing on the market quite like Pure Coral or Pure Watermelon. The name Pure Coral very accurately portrays what I consider this gloss to be- coral in its purest form- not a pinky coral or a red coral or a peachy-coral (even though Sephora describes it as a sheer creamy peach) but just coral. The base that I imagine all other coral glosses start with. It can look a tad bit orange in the tube but on the lips it's a beautiful color. It's sheer but at the same time has just enough pigmentation to create the perfect coral lips.

Pure Watermelon is a little less accurate in its name as it is no color of any watermelon I've seen but I love it all the same. I consider this more of a tangerine-type shade- bolder than most corals yet muted enough that it doesn't run into the red family. It gives me a refreshed look, like I'm really energized even when I'm really not.

To compare with some other corals I own, Chanel Genie is similar to Pure Coral but thinner in texture and more opaque. In the swatch, Pure Watermelon and Revlon's Coral Reef look very similar but Pure Watermelon is sheer and translates to much more wearable/ prettier color than Coral Reef which runs a bit red on my lips (and is bit too sticky.)


  1. Pure watermelon looks lovely! I've never tried a YSL, but you've piqued my interest =)

  2. Dovey, I adore pure watermelon! test YSL out at a makeup counter and see if it works for u (I hope it does :)