Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sephora Sale: It's On!

Here's what I ordered as soon as I got the news that the Sephora Friends & Family Sale (promo code: FF2010) had arrived a day early.. oh how I love this time of year!!

Peter Thomas Roth Eyes to Die For ($75) I have the original Lashes to Die For and I liked it. It's a bit old now as I purchased it during last year's sale (I don't think they sell the original any more) so I've been waiting to pick this kit up. It includes the Lashes to Die For Platinum (ambitious name no?), and mascara, concealer, eye cream etc. It's great deal considering the treatment alone goes for $125 (of course, the amount is less in the kit.)
I used a sample of this Korres Yogurt Cooling Gel ($23.50) and I really liked it. I used it as a face mask because that's what I thought it was! but apparently it's like a moisturizer- you leave it on your face. I wouldn't- just because it feels a bit weird to leave on but as a face mask I love it. I'll definitely be doing a separate review on this when my order arrives so look forward to that :) 

I've been trying to take it easy as to buying lip gloss because honestly, who needs this many lip glosses? But then again YSL Gloss Pur ($30) isn't just any gloss. It's my ultimate favorite gloss and watermelon is just my kind of color and I should get a couple of 'fun' things during the sale not just skincare products because well- it's a sale after all, you're supposed to get things you know you don't absolutely need but would like to have anyways.... and.... yeah,
well there you have it, my unabashed thought process in getting lip gloss number 1,091.

FYI, color in picture is not of the shade watermelon, but the swatch beneath it is. I will definitely be doing a review on the YSL Pur Gloss as well ;)

So there's my first batch. Is there anything special you plan on getting this Friends & Family Sale? Or a staple that you wait this time of year to load up on?

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