Friday, August 27, 2010

Haul: Mamonde Brightening Sheet Mask

When I'm actually in Korea and there is easy access to Korean beauty brands I don't find myself particularly intrigued. Yet, when I'm in the States I feel like I've found a mini treasure when I see something like the Mamonde Brightening Sheet Mask sitting on the tiny beauty counter at my Asian grocery store of choice (currently being H-Mart in Wheaton! I'm not sure where else you would be able to get these.)

And so I got these on a whim last weekend even though I've already tried it before and didn't care for it. They're actually not that bad but the 'essence' that the mask is soaked in (and it really is soaked) feels a bit sticky on the skin. So even though there is no need to wash your face after use I find it impossible not to wash my face after using these. (I've noticed this is the case for most drugstore-level sheet masks) However, the skin does feel moisturized after use.

As for brightening I doubt there is any of that really going on but a girl can dream no? I want to believe that every little bit counts :) 

The girl at the counter was nice enough to include some Laneige samples: some eye cream and a hydrating cream. Shown above is the eye cream; one side is for the daytime, the other is for night. I'm loving the cute sample packaging!
The fresh-faced Song Hye Gyo can gaze over her shoulder all she wants- I'm still kind of dubious of the hydrating cream. I'm not sure I want to put on my face something with a longer ingredients list than a friggin Twinkie!

On another note, both Mamonde and Laneige are divisions of AmorePacific, the Korean company which has a luxury skincare/spa brand under the same name. You can consider Mamonde and Laneige the more affordable AmorePacific. AmorePacific is available at Sephora.

And no, I'm not affiliated with the company in any way although now that I think about it I had a chance to be affiliated since I went to a recruitment seminar of theirs once in college when my skin was nice and smooth and I didn't need miracle creams that are spelled creme as in creme brulee and not cream as in ice cream as if putting a french twist makes the product better which of course it does but it would be crass to acknowledge that... 


  1. About the face mask: it's supposed to be a little sticky, and then you pat it into your skin and as it's absorbed the stickiness goes away :)

  2. thanks for the tip! I actually did pat it dry but unfortunately it still felt sticky on my skin esp., in comparison to other formulas I've tried