Friday, August 20, 2010

Fresh Eat Pray Love Collection: Eat eau de parfum

I have to be honest- I did not read Eat Pray Love. But I was still excited to hear that Fresh was releasing a special collection in time for the film. Fresh is one of my favorite brands ever and I find their fragrances rarely disappoint. Sugar Lemon was my signature scent for most of my college years and a still remains one of my favorite.

Fresh stores are limited mostly to New York and so I had to order online without having a chance to try out the scents (an endeavor I would not recommend in most situations.) However, based on the description I had a feeling I would like Eat so I went ahead and took the chance.

I love the patterns Fresh uses on their boxes- always pretty, always classy and clean
I'm so glad I did because I love it! (And they were sold out the next day.) Fragrances are hard to review because everyone's preferences are different and there is no method of conveying the critical aspect, the scent, of perfume through a computer screen, but here goes:

The scent itself is sweet but not overly so. I'm not a big fan of heavy vanilla scents (although I don't dislike them) but this just has the perfect hint of vanilla. The sweetness is balanced out with a citrusy zest. The scent ends up being light and refreshing and almost girly at the same time. (One caveat: the scent does not linger as long as one would like)

Here's what the official description is:

This sweet, effervescent scent indulges in Italy’s most addictive desserts and sensual wines. Notes of bright Italian lemon and basil are balanced with creamy textures reminiscent of cannoli and tiramisu topped off with sparkling Prosecco and Limoncello for the ultimate gourmand experience.

Top Notes: Italian lemon, basil, bergamot
Middle Notes: plum, red currant, rose
Bottom Notes: caramel, meringue, vanilla

mmm... wine... creamy textures: totally get that.

I guess another thing you should know is I prefer fresh citrus scents over anything else so if to you Sugar Lemon smells like household cleaner, you and I will not agree on what smells good, so steer clear of my recommendations. Just warning you.

In comparison with the more common 1oz bottles Fresh uses
I like the fact that these came in 1oz bottles which are shaped like 3.4oz ones. Although... I'm already wishing I had picked up another bottle. Unfortunately, Eat, Love, and the candle trio are all sold out on the website. You may still be able to track them down in stores if you live near a Fresh boutique in which case you're lucky and I envy you.. grrr

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