Thursday, August 12, 2010

YSL Rouge Volupte 29 Opera Rose, 30 Faubourg Peach

I wish I could say I loved the YSL Rouge Voluptes. There is no denying that they are beautiful to look at from the tips of its elegant mirror to the end of its intricate gold casing. Who cares if the metal is a deathtrap for fingerprints- I feel like a princess every time I pull it out of my handbag.

Yet, as much as I love the ambiance which accompanies the Rouge Volupte, I find that these do not work all that well with my lips. (Which is not to say they won't work for others, obviously.)

First, the formula tends to make my lips peel. I was in denial for about a week- I kept attributing the peeling to some other product or the weather or whatever else, since SURELY such a beautiful lipstick could not be the culprit! However, the minute I stopped using these my lips would no longer peel and then I could deny it no longer...

Second, the Rouge Volupte tends to accentuate any fine lines or imperfections on my lips. This is due to the fact that the formula is creamy and opaque- which may actually be a good thing but I find that this same positive trait can blow up in your face if you aren't meticulous in applying the color.

Third, the formula sits on top of my lips making the color look unnatural. This also owes itself to the fact that the formula is creamy and opaque. A lipstick connoisseur will appreciate the buttery opaqueness but I do recommend trying out the colors before committing. For instance, I have this problem more for 29 Opera Rose than 30 Faubourg Peach (much easier to work with)

The photo turned out much darker than the colors in real life.

I have 29 Opera Rose, which is a medium hot-pink (not too intense) and 30 Faubourg Peach which is a peachy coral (light and almost nude but not really- it creates a perfect pinky peachy color on my lips which I find strangely difficult to achieve). When I got Opera Rose I was on a hot pink kick so I went for it but I have to say I am currently in love with 30 Faubourg Peach. It looks much more natural and creates a beautiful color on my lips. 

I apply these with a light hand. Just enough that the color shows but there won't be any weird accumulation of color in the wrinkles of my lips.
These are not easy to work with (especially for someone like me who likes natural-looking makeup) but I won't give up on them just yet; I have my eyes on the new Rouge Volupte Perle in 102 Coral Sun.

Other tidbits: retail price $34, SPF 15, mango scent

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