Friday, May 13, 2011

NOTD: Pink French Tip with Orly, Zoya & Essie

Orly Sheer Peche as base color
Zoya Happi as French tip
Essie No Chips Ahead as top coat

I wanted something clean and simple but also a little girly this week :) So I decided to do a pink French tip. It maintains the classic look of a white French tip but with a youthful twist.

Orly Sheer Peche goes on pretty sheer on the nails. If not for the slight softening of the nail color I would say it was pretty much clear. It's my go-to nail color for when I don't want any color on my nails but still want them to look neat and smoothed out.

Zoya Happi is a vibrant pink with gold iridescent duo-chrome type shimmers. I have had this on my nails full-on a couple of times but I think I like it better as a French tip. It looks more refined that way.

Essie top coat I just picked up recently during a Target run because my Seche Vite was drying up on me and I wanted to try something new. It's a very watery formula but I think I like it. I can't vouch for it's non-chipping qualities as this is the first time I've actually had it on.

So that's that! Let me know what nail polish you have on and/or any plans you may have for the weekend! I'm craving me some Peking duck @ Peking Gourmet Inn (those of you in the DC area know what I'm talking about!) so I've made reservations. Also, Bridesmaids is in theaters now so that's on my list as well. Have a happy weekend!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bath & Body Works PocketBacs: Horoscopes

It seems like every other day Bath & Body Works spawns out a new collection of their antibacterial PocketBacs. They're cute and smell delightful but usually, I'm not a sucker for them.

But today I am. Their new Horoscope PocketBacs not only leaves your hands virtually germ-free but also comes in 12 sets of individualized characteristics based on your horoscope. Are you an Aquarius? According to Bath & Body Works you may be stubborn but you're also loyal, original and independent. A Scorpio? You're driven, passionate, and resourceful (but may have jealousy issues?)
As a June baby, I am the quintessential Gemini. Mine reads "savvy, imaginative, chatterbox, inventive." I like. I know it's not exactly the equivalent of a therapy session but it gives me a mini ego boost and a smile : ) I also love the lime-green on purple packaging. Actually, I loved the color combinations on all of them. Each one was cute and vibrant. The scent for Gemini is named Citrus Citrus but I get more of a strong berry scent with a hint of lemon.
I'm not sure if these are still in stores but as of today, they are still available

Friday, May 6, 2011

iMomoko Haul: My Beauty Diary Earl Grey Tea & Macaron, Chocolate Truffle, Lily sheet masks, Face Q sheet masks

Did I tell you- I have a macaron addiction? It's true. One can be addicted to macarons. It's amazing how those petite pastel colored French pastries with it's gooey heavenly center can make you love life all over again and more. So when I saw the new My Beauty Diary special edition sheet masks, I let out a Major little-girl shriek.
Seriously, how adorable are these Earl Grey Tea & Macaron masks?! I also happen to love earl grey tea so I couldn't have dreamt up a more perfect combination. According to the description, these masks contain "essence from earl grey tea and extracts from macarons." But what are... extracts from macarons? hm...
I can't read Chinese but the pictures seem to promise some serious hydration action when using the mask :)
Speaking of adorable, I also picked up the Face Q Peony, Snow Lotus & Sake Yeast whitening mask. iMomoko just recently started carrying Face Q (same company as My Beauty Diary.) Packaging-wise they are a little bit bigger than the My Beauty Diary masks. I didn't know it when I was ordering, but these are one of those masks that go all around your chin and have 'earholes' (note picture on box or check out smerfettte's YouTube video) for convenience and more firming action :) I used one yesterday and I was thoroughly pleased!
I have a strong feeling that that little girl with the sheep horns is trying to tell me something.
Another thing I really love about these masks is that they have the manufacture date and expiration date printed on the boxes and on each separate mask. It's always a good idea to be informed about the products you use on your face and I appreciate it when the companies make it easier for you.

To go back to the first photo, I also picked up the special edition French White Lily sheet masks and the Chocolate Truffle masks. I haven't opened those two yet but both seem promising. The Lily mask is part the Blooming of Beauty collection and is supposed to help brighten up your skintone.

The Chocolate Truffle masks are described as containing cacao & coffee extracts which nourishes and repairs the skin. It also contains lemon, orange, and mikan extracts which mildly removes old skin cells, leaving a fine skin texture with a smooth finish.