Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bath & Body Works PocketBacs: Horoscopes

It seems like every other day Bath & Body Works spawns out a new collection of their antibacterial PocketBacs. They're cute and smell delightful but usually, I'm not a sucker for them.

But today I am. Their new Horoscope PocketBacs not only leaves your hands virtually germ-free but also comes in 12 sets of individualized characteristics based on your horoscope. Are you an Aquarius? According to Bath & Body Works you may be stubborn but you're also loyal, original and independent. A Scorpio? You're driven, passionate, and resourceful (but may have jealousy issues?)
As a June baby, I am the quintessential Gemini. Mine reads "savvy, imaginative, chatterbox, inventive." I like. I know it's not exactly the equivalent of a therapy session but it gives me a mini ego boost and a smile : ) I also love the lime-green on purple packaging. Actually, I loved the color combinations on all of them. Each one was cute and vibrant. The scent for Gemini is named Citrus Citrus but I get more of a strong berry scent with a hint of lemon.
I'm not sure if these are still in stores but as of today, they are still available

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