Monday, August 16, 2010

NYC Blushable Creme Stick in Pink Flash

A nice drugstore find!

You and I were meant to be. You're smooth, you blend like a dream (although you feel slightly dry to the touch) and you're a creamy coral (even though your name is Pink Flash).

I was initially introduced to you by Citrine's Blog in May this year and shortly thereafter spotted you sitting side by side with your Wild Berry sister at my local CVS. But because I was convinced that you wouldn't amount to much, I ignored you. At 3 bucks, you must be flimsy, cheaply made and/or be horrible for my skin. For weeks, I passed you by as I picked up cotton swabs or toothpaste or chips. I watched as all your Shock Value companions got sold out and the little coupons attached for one dollar off dwindled.

It kind of surprised me that you stayed so long- to me you seemed the most desirable of them all- if one were to get anything from that collection. By the time I finally decided to pick you up, it seemed everyone in the beauty world was talking about how you were sold out. It's like you were meant for me. I even picked up the very last dollar off coupon attached to the display.

Now I find myself reaching for you every morning. It's lurve :)

Limited edition

No shimmer just pretty color- its does look a bit pink on the cheeks even though its very coral in the tube.
Lasting power is pretty good. I personally think it lasts longer than the Stila convertible colors.

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