Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Haul: MAC Venomous Villains

My picks for the the Venomous Villains collection were threefold: 1. Sweet Revenge (l/g) from the Maleficent subcategory, 2. Strange Potion (l/g) from the Evil Queen subcategory and 3. Bad Fairy (nail polish) from the Maleficent subcategory. Don't you just love the names on these?

I'm so glad that my Nordstrom had all three because each one was sold out online within a few hours of being released and I'll be honest, I'm just not diligent enough to wake up early in the morning to chase after them online. (Kudos to you who are- that's why you have Stereo Rose and I don't)

I'm especially excited about Bad Fairy because the shade is something I've never seen before (cranberry red glitter that looks gold in certain angles) and absolutely stunning. I have it on my nails now. And it was the last one at my mac counter!

The Maleficent collection is my favorite (I don't care for the others) and definitely worth checking out if you haven't already :) I still remember the raw shock I felt when Maleficent called her cronies "you imbeciles!!"- as a child I thought that that was so bad haha

Click if you want a larger view.

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