Friday, September 24, 2010

New: Fresh Holiday 2010 Sets

I am loving these Fresh sets out for the holidays!! I remember they had something similar to the set with the Sugar Rose lip treatment (Sugar Rose Get Away Set $28) last year but they were sold out rather quickly. I later ended up getting just Sugar Rose all by its lonely self and kicking myself for missing out on the set.

This year they've added a set with the Sugar Plum lip treatment (Sugar Plum Let it Glow Set $28) that comes with a deluxe sample of the Twilight Freshface Glow. Loving it already.

Or you could go with the more basic (but comes with a metallic plum colored pouch!) Sugar Rush Set $28 that comes with the lip treatment that started it all: the Sugar lip treatment. This comes with the Brown Sugar Body Cream (which I love to death) and a sample of the Brown Sugar eau de parfum.

Last but not least, the Soy Skincare Set $38 is out for those of you who want to take better care of your skin for the new year (and you know it'll be here sooner than you can say "I will lose 10lbs this year.") The Soy Face Cleanser is the best cleanser hands down. The Soy Face Cream is a bit rich for me but my skin definitely feels nicer the day after I've applied it. I am currently using the Soy Face Serum in my skincare routine and love it. The Soy Face Exfoliant is the only thing I haven't tried yet but I have a little sample packet ready to go so I'll be trying it out soon :)

Click on the links for more details. Hm... I think I have effectively used the word "love" in every single paragraph!

(Links current as of Sep. 24, 2010)

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