Thursday, September 16, 2010

Haul: L'Occitane

Ahh.. nothing like a box of L'Occitane goodness to make a day feel whole (and wholesome!)

I'm excited to try out the Foaming Rice Cleanser (made with organic red rice) and happy to re-order the Exfoliating Rice Powder (also made with organic red rice) which I for some reason thought was discontinued.

I've already tried the Rice Cleanser and I like it. I usually avoid foaming cleansers because they dry out my skin- but I do like to use a light one for everyday use in the morning and this is light and nice. I highly recommend the Exfoliating Rice Powder if you haven't tried it out already- It polishes the skin nicely without being too abrasive. I love products with rice in it.

Other things I got: the limited edition Marie Riviere Peony lip gloss, a couple of things from the Almond collection, and a small hand lotion in Honey. (L'Occitane has some of the best hand lotions :)

I may or may not get to reviewing these separately so let me know if there is something you would like more details on :)

And It's almost Friday!


  1. Nice box (and all things inside it)! :) I'm interested with that Red Rice cleanser.

    Btw, I like your blog. The photographs seem nice. :3

  2. Aw.. thanks!!! I've actually finished the Red Rice Cleanser so I won't be able to do a review (at least with photos) but I can say that I really liked it- it foamed up mildly and I liked that it was a soft cleanser.