Thursday, January 27, 2011

Haul: The Body Shop: Banana Conditioner, Watermelon Body Lotion, Satsuma Set

The Body Shop reminds me a reliable old friend- you may have drifted apart and inevitably moved on with your lives but even after that long absence, when you meet again- the relationship's still pretty good. :)
I ordered the Banana Conditioner, Watermelon Body Lotion and a mini-Satsuma Shower Gel, Body Lotion set tied with a loofah.

First, the Banana Conditioner, just because it's such an awesome idea. I mean why hasn't someone thought of this sooner? (Maybe someone has.) It looks and feels like a real (albeit extremely thick) banana smoothie and smells so sweet and yummy. I've already tried it on my hair (I apply conditioner/ treatment only on the tips of my hair) and love it to death. My hair definitely feels softer!

Second, the Watermelon Body Lotion. I love watermelons; the fruit, the scent, the color, but watermelon-scented body lotions are unusually rare so I knew I had to try this one out. I think the difficulty in making a watermelon-scented body lotion is that watermelon isn't a scent that mixes well with the natural creaminess? of lotion. The end result of this one was something like a watermelon milkshake gone bad. That sounds worse than it actually is as I've still been using this on a daily basis (it's a good lotion) but I was anticipating something a bit more refreshing. It's a nice try but sadly, not a horribly successful one.

Next up, the mini Satsuma Shower Gel and Body Lotion set with a cute small-sized loofah. Satsuma is actually one of my favorite scents from The Body Shop so no surprises with this one. If you haven't tried it already, take in a whiff of Satsuma the next time you're in The Body Shop. It smells like fresh tangerines, but BETTER.

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