Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sephora-Exclusive NARS Spring Sets

Did all of you on the upper east coast get home safely last night? I had one chaotic rendezvous with the mid-atlantic snowstorm as I headed home from Baltimore; details of which I won't get into here but let's just say that at the end of it all there was one stranded Honda on the wrong side of East West Highway and a hungry asian girl walking home in snow-encrusted office clothes thanking the shoe gods that at least she wasn't wearing heels.

On to more cheery matters. Like the new Sephora-exclusive NARS Spring 2011 sets! These are available to Beauty Insiders only for the time being (I don't know if or when these may be available to non-Beauty Insiders), but it's super-easy to sign up if you haven't already. At $59 these sets provide a great chance to try out some of NARS's most-loved items like the Multiples or Orgasm blush conveniently paired with items that go well with it.

Available at (Click the names of the sets to go to corresponding product page :)

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