Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Review & Swatch: Sephora Color Diary

Normally, I'm a minimal-eyeshadow type of gal. But the Sephora Color Diary, a practical little sampler of thirty eyeshadows, five blushes and corresponding liglosses inspired me to try something new!

The palette comes divided into five sub-palettes; each can be popped out using the hole in the back and snapped into the to-go compact. The process is very simple, it really isn't a big deal. The mother palette can get a bit clunky even when it's just used on your vanity so this compact is super-nifty/ necessary.

It also comes with a plastic cover to prevent powder migration.

Now, what the name lacks in its entirety ("Color Diary" lacks luster, no?) it makes up for with the cute themes of its sub-parts- each an event that the eyeshadows are allegedly supposed to accompany, like...

"Hot Date at Eight"

"Relax and Unplug"
(This neutral palette is a little sheer.)

"Must Get New Shoes"

"Meditation Retreat"
(The combination of orange & green! Genius)

"Day at the Museum" 
(I love that bold red and sparkly yellow.)
Here's a swatch of Must Get New Shoes. I wouldn't say the pigmentation is the best ever (and there's a little fallout) but for its affordability ($25) I think the palette is beyond awesome. The shadows are pigmented enough, the fallout is minimal and I love the combinations and the colors. I've been complimented twice already for these shadows :) And I love all the blushes; they're packed with color. As for the lipgloss I've only tried the pink one in Must Get New Shoes and it was very sheer- which is fine as I like sheer lipgloss but if you don't, you may find the gloss lacking.

I guess the question boils down to this: Would I purchase again if I went back in time? To which I would answer, a resounding Yes!

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