Saturday, November 20, 2010

Bath & Body Works Liplicious Cupcakes in Lemon Glaze

I've never tried Bath & Body Works lipgloss before but I couldn't pass up on something cupcake-themed so I recently picked up this Liplicious Cupcakes lipgloss in Lemon Glaze. I love lemon-flavored baked goods and this smells like someone's baking lemon glaze cupcakes in the oven. Well- maybe not that good- but it still smells pretty yummy :) It's also flavored- just a sweet, kind of generic- taste but I find myself licking my lips more than I usually would.

Except for a slight golden sheen, the gloss translates to pretty much a clear gloss on the lips. The glitter varies in size so some pieces are bigger than others. That means that the glitter isn't exactly subtle but because the material? of the glitter is thin and semi-transparent it isn't exactly obnoxious either. Also, note: random glitter migration may occur.

The texture is somewhat watery and slick, allowing for a non-sticky application. This however, also means that the lasting power on these aren't that hot. Or maybe that's just because I keep licking it off?

It's a nice throw-in-your-bag-and-go type gloss, or just something to have around the house for when your lips feel bare. Maybe not a necessity but definitely something that can add a bit of sweetness to your everyday routine!

The adorable cupcake illustrations on the tubes were illustrated by Karen Greenberg. There are ten flavors here but I believe the collection comes in five flavors.

Apparently there will be a similar release in spring of 2011 by Bath & Body Works featuring cakes and pastries. I am loving the sound of that! (Illustrations also by Karen Greenberg)

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  1. I've seen this brand around, but never tried it. The gloss looks so sparkly though, i think it's so pretty!

  2. it is quite pretty on :) thx for following! i love your outfits of the day

  3. I just purchased this lipgloss a couple of days ago and I LOVE IT. I wish I bought two tubes!!