Tuesday, December 28, 2010

After-Christmas Haul: Lush, Bath & Body Works (and Georgetown Cupcakes)

Life is just better with cupcakes; especially limited edition holiday cupcakes!
I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas/ holiday weekend! I watched the Grinch, drank too much eggnog (which later led to a tumultuous tummy-ache), attended church mass (twice) and slept to my heart's content. I also took this week off work so I'm in super slacker mode right now.

However, I did manage to stop by the mall to do some sweet after-Christmas deal-snatching :)

First off, I ran over to the much-loved LUSH after-Christmas sale (which is now buy-one-get-one-free as opposed to buy-one-get-two like previous years). Instead this year a lot of their regular non-holiday soaps were included in the sale as well, so I picked up slices of Honey I Washed the Kids and Rock Star, along with three chunks (one chunk I got before the sale) of my holiday staple: Snowcake. If you haven't tried this ivory-white almond goodness already, I strongly urge that you do!
I also got two Snow Fairy gift sets, which has a Snow Fairy shower gel, Shimmy Shimmy glitter bar, and a star-shaped Angel's Delight soap inside. And picked up two Lil Lush Pud bath bombs as well.

At Bath & Body Works, I picked up 4 oz Slatkin & Co. candles in Twisted Peppermint, Snow Apple Mint, and Homemade Cookies. The three wick Winter and and Mint Chocolate I had actually gotten earlier in the month. I have been burning Winter all through Christmas and am loving it like cRazy! Makes the home feel so cozy~

So that's that!

I hope everyone has a wonderful and productive end of the year and an awesome New Year!!!


  1. I just went to get my LUSH goodies today! I'm addicted to snowglobe, but I picked up a chunk of snowcake as well. Coincidentally, I passed by G-town cupcakes recently and saw a line going out the door and was wondering what the big deal was about! Guess I know now =) haha. Happy New Year!

  2. Thx- happy 2011 to u too! You reminded me I actually had snowglobe in the photo above too haha I haven't tried it yet but hopefully I'll like it as much as u :) The line at gtown cupcakes is ridiculous but the frosting... so addictive!

  3. Happy new year to you!! The cakes look so delicious!! xXx

  4. Thanks I have a good feeling about 2011 haha Hope you have a blessed year as well!!