Sunday, December 4, 2011

November Jewelmint: Bow Tie Bracelet

I was super excited today to find in my mailbox something I had been waiting for since last Friday- my very first Jewelmint purchase! I have been a member for a couple of months already but I never purchased anything because honestly, I never saw anything I liked. Then two weeks ago I saw the demure little bow-tie bracelet in HollyAnnAeree's November jewelry haul video and I knew that it would become my first Jewelmint purchase.
Each piece comes packaged in a pastel mint-green box with black accents. The box opens and closes with a magnetic closure. Inside, there is a notecard from the founders, Kate Bosworth and Cher Coulter, explaining the jewelry piece and ideas on how to wear it. The piece itself comes in a black velvety drawstring pouch with a silver Jewelmint tag on it.
The bow tie bracelet is a dainty gold-plated crystal-studded beauty that reminds me a little of something Kate Spade would make. I noticed that not all the crystals are perfectly in place (at least that's the way mine is) but I don't mind since I think that it gives the bracelet a more approachable look- if that makes any sense.

Technically the bracelet can go up to one third length of my forearm but its structure allows it to stay closer to the wrist area if you want- one of the many reasons I love this piece. Another reason would be its versatility. It has a more classic look when worn alone; stacked with other bracelets it looks more casual. Either way it maintains its feminine delicacy and... is just so darn pretty! 
Keep in mind that when you sign up for Jewelmint and purchase your first piece you will be charged a membership fee (price of one jewelry piece) each month after that unless you skip a month (meaning you will have to manually click skip on the website before the 5th of the month if you decide not to purchase anything that month.)

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